10 Reasons You Should Never Use An Airline Agency

The airline industry is one that is often criticized for its lack of transparency and agency practices. A lot of travelers feel that airlines charge high fees for services that are not worth the money. As an example, many people feel that airlines charge for everything from checking a bag to watching movies.
In many cases, these fees are not justified. However, there are times when these fees make sense. For instance, when airlines charge for checking a bag, it is because they have to pay for the bags they give passengers. In most cases, passengers are only charged for the bag they personally own.
If you’re new to the world of travel, you might not be aware that certain fees are normal. Even if you are a seasoned traveler, it is important to know what is normal. Even if you don’t know it, there is a good chance that you have been charged at least one of these fees at some point in your travels. If you are not sure, read on to discover 10 reasons you should never use an airline agency.

1. You Pay a Processing Fee

When you book flights with an airline, you will be charged a processing fee. This fee is the cost of running the business and managing travel bookings. In most cases, this is not a one-time charge. It is typically paid in installments and can be anywhere from $20-$25 per ticket.

2. You Pay a Broker Fee

The first reason you should never use an airline agency is that you pay a broker fee. This fee is charged by the individual who manages your trip and gets you to your destination. However, some agencies charge these fees as well. The fee can range from $50-200 depending on the company.
The good news is that airlines typically don’t charge this type of fee. They instead offer additional perks, like priority boarding and airport lounges, which you wouldn’t get with an agency.

3. You Pay a Destination Fee

Destination fees are fees that are charged for traveling abroad. These fees include airport taxes and baggage fees. These charges are not necessary and can be avoided by flying on a budget airline that is not known for charging these fees.
These fees can also be avoided by using your own luggage or checking it in at the airport as opposed to paying for it at the time of check-in. When you use an agency, they charge you extra because their fee is based on how many bags you check-in.

4. You Pay a Change Fee

When you travel by plane, you might be charged a change fee. This is because the airline has to pay for your new ticket if you need to swap your flight or change your ticket. The change fee can be anywhere from $50 to $200 and it will depend on the airline and the route. For instance, Southwest charges a $50 change fee for trips within the US, while American Airlines charges a $200 change fee for flights from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
If you are not sure if an airline agency charges a change fee, call them first. Otherwise, you might have been charged one of these fees without even knowing about it.

5. You Pay an Issue Fee

One of the most common fees that people encounter is the issue fee, which is charged for just about everything. This includes checking a bag, upgrading to a seat with more leg room, and even flying standby. In some cases, you might not be aware that you have been charged this fee until you receive a bill in the mail.
If you are unsure whether you have been charged an issue fee, go through your recent credit card statements or contact your airline’s customer service department.

6. You Pay an Elapsed Timefee

When you book a flight, you will be charged an elapsed time fee for every hour that the airline has to wait for your plane to land. This fee is usually about $5 per hour. If the flight is delayed for more than four hours, the airline will start charging you for each hour after that.

7. You Pay a Cancellation Fee

As many travelers know, airlines sometimes charge cancellation fees. These fees usually range from $50 to $200. Some services such as a change fee for a voucher are also charged. In some cases, you will be charged these fees if you cancel your flight at the last minute or lose your luggage, which means that there is no difference in price between using an airline agency and flying yourself.
One reason why people should never use an airline agency is because they are paying a fee just to cancel the service, especially when their reasons for canceling are not valid. So, why spend money on something you can do yourself?

8. You Pay a Refund Fee

One fee that is often overlooked is the refund fee. Airlines make sure that they don’t lose money by charging this fee, so you might end up paying a fee of up to $200, depending on how long after the flight you want your refund. This can really add up if, for example, you had to cancel the flight and wait for hours in the airport because of a delay or cancellation.

An airline agency charges anywhere from $50 to $200 for everything from checking luggage to watching movies. But what are some other reasons it’s not worth it?
1) You Don’t Know What You’re Getting
When you use an airline agency, you are never quite sure what kind of experience you will be getting. There is no way for customers to know if their travel experience will be good or bad before they commit. In most cases, these agencies just have a list of possible airports for you to choose from, which makes it difficult to find one that best fits your needs and budget.

9. You Pay a Late Payment Fee

Many companies contract with travel agencies for the purpose of organizing trips for their employees or their families. These companies often use check-in agents to coordinate flights, hotels, and rental cars. In many cases, these contracts will stipulate that if a customer is unable to fulfill their obligations on time, they will be charged a late fee.
This happens because airlines have to pay for the services they provide or have provided in advance. The fees are not only charged to the person who appears at the airport late but also to those who were supposed to meet them at the airport. These fees can range anywhere from $50 to $250 and can be charged more than once. This means that if your car is not waiting for you when you get off your flight, you could pay up to $1,000 extra in fees because of how much late payment fees vary between airlines.

10. Final Word

on Airline Agencies
When you are a seasoned traveler, it might seem like an airline agency is the best choice for you. However, when your transaction is over, you will find that there are other ways to get the same results that are far less expensive. You might also find that no matter how much of a discount you received from an airline agency, it still was not worth the extra cost.

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