5 Things to Do If You Find a Duffle Bag Underground

Duffle bags are great for keeping your belongings organized throughout your daily travels. They’re compact and versatile enough to be used in any city. However, these handy bags aren’t meant to be left in the open. If you happen to find one, here are five things you should do if you find a duffle bag underground.

Don’t Touch It

Don’t touch the bag. If you find a duffle bag, immediately contact law enforcement and leave it alone. It may be possible that there is something valuable inside, but nobody knows for sure until a trained professional gets to the scene.

Check For Collateral

If you find a duffle bag on the sidewalk or in the trash, make sure to check for any ID or credit card in the bag. If there are any, you can return them with your contact information. Then, notify an authority like the police to inform them of what happened. This will help prevent identity theft and account hacking.

Call the Police

If you find a duffle bag, please don’t take it before calling the police. It may be the property of someone who is lost and needs the bag found. Or, it could be an abandoned bag that was left behind by a visitor in your city for some reason. Either way, it’s important to not leave this type of situation ambiguous.

Leave a Note

If you find a duffle bag underground and it doesn’t have a note attached, the owner probably won’t be able to get back to it. To ensure that the person who lost their bag finds it, leave a note with your name, contact number, and email address. In addition, make sure to include an apology for finding their bag. The note should also say something like “I’m sorry for finding your bag. I was just trying to help!”

Find A Repairer

One of the most important things you should do is find a repairer. Choose one that’s near you so that you don’t have to ship anything back and forth. They’ll check out the bag and see if they can repair it or replace any parts that are broken. If they can, they’ll charge you based on what it would cost to ship the bag to them.

Take Action If You Find A Stolen Bag

If you find a bag left behind in an underground area, the first thing to do is contact the police. They’ll have valuable information on what happened and possibly any leads. If you don’t want to wait for the police, try to find out who owns the bag. Remember that the owner might be looking for it as well and will need your information to help them find it. If you aren’t able to identify who owns the bag, you can still contact the police and let them know that someone left their belongings behind.

Bottom Line

If you happen to find a duffle bag on the ground, put it back in its original place. This may be inconvenient for someone else who was looking for a bag like this by their house or car, but it’s good karma!

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