5 Word Scramble for the Day: R, T, Z, A, D

Have you ever thought of writing a novel? Do you have a good imagination and can you write stories well? If so, you might consider writing a novel. Some people love writing stories, while others hate it. If you love solving word problems and challenges, you’ll probably enjoy word scramble games. Scrabble is one of the most popular word games in the world. It can be played by two to six players and takes about 20 minutes. It involves making words from a set of letters, called a Scrabble set, by making a crossword-like solve. Words must contain at least two letters, and no letter may appear more than once in any word (with the exception of a word that ends with the letter “E”). The first player to use all seven of their letters wins the game. Here’s another interesting fact about this popular game. You might know that Scrabble was invented in New York City in the 1930s. However, the first Scrabble set was created in 1938 by an American architect named Dr. George Davison Avery.

Possible Answers: R, T, Z, A, D

2 Words: ROT (turn)

A. JAT (joint)
D. DART (tip)

A. JAT (joint)

3 Words: ZOTE (nourish)

ZOTE (nourish)
ZOTE (nourish)
ZOTE (nourish)

4 Words: ATE (eat)

-EN (as in the letter “N”)


5 Words: DOTE (add)

Dote is a word in the
board game Scrabble.

6 Words: TOTE (carry)

A wave, a steamer, an umbrella, a tote, a dustpan, and a tassel

7 Words: DOT (connection)

DOSE (medicine)

DOVE (bird)

DRUM (beat)

DRAWE (pull, draw)

DRUMSTICKS (sticks used to play music)

DEALER (dealer in securities)

8 Words: ADOT (guide)

If you’re looking for a guide, this is the place to be.

Tune in to your favorite radio station or television show on Adot.

9 Words: ZODE (nourishment)

DOD (male)

HID (hide)

LID (cover)

YID (friend)

SID (foolish)

RID (rid)

SARD (wonderful)

10 Words: AOTE (addition)

AOTE: Addition

ETE: Future
OATE: World

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