French Presidential Debates 2022: The Most Intriguing Predictions

There are currently 577 candidates running for the presidency of France in 2022. Who will emerge victorious? We took a look at the most interesting predictions, political analysts, and expert opinions to give you an idea of what’s in store.
Whoever wins France’s presidential election on 23 April 2022 is likely to be a well-known figure with politician experience. The rules were changed earlier this year so that if one candidate wins more than 50% of votes cast, they are deemed elected and the second place finisher drops out of the race. There are still five weeks left until polling day and any changes could still take place before then, so stay tuned!

Marine Le Pen

The current frontrunner for the French presidency is Marine Le Pen. She is predicted by many to be elected in the first round of voting with a large majority of the vote. Don’t count out former Prime Minister Francois Fillon, though. He was last seen in third place and there are still five weeks left until election day, so anything could happen!

François Fillon

The current president, Francois Fillon, is facing a strong challenge from Marine Le Pen. She has been nicknamed the “French Trump” due to her similar policies and rhetoric. With no previous experience in politics, she is running on a platform of economic nationalism and protecting France from globalization.

Emmanuel Macron

First, Emmanuel Macron is the most popular candidate. He has 29% of the vote, which is a lot less than he had in his 2017 election campaign. However, this is because he only won 24% of the vote in last year’s election. Which means that Macron could win again if he manages to increase his popularity this time around and overtake Marine Le Pen in second place.
Marine Le Pen has been gaining momentum with her eurosceptic policies, but she still sits at third place with 14%. She hasn’t made any big political changes since her 2017 campaign, so it seems like there are no real plans for her to get into fourth or fifth place and take over from Macron. The other main contender is Jean-Luc Mélenchon who sits at 4th with 13%.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Jean-Luc Mélenchon (La France Insoumise) is the candidate with the most interesting predictions. The French left-wing leader is not a mainstream choice and has seen his support plummet in recent weeks, which could see him drop out of the race. However, he could still emerge as a surprise winner if current trends continue.
The other candidate who could win is Emmanuel Macron who has been leading in polls for some time. If Macron does win, he will be facing a tough race to maintain power in 2022 when faced with significant challenges on multiple fronts.

François Asselineau

The most interesting prediction for France’s presidential race comes from François Asselineau. He is the candidate who has made the most outlandish and controversial claims to date. He is determined to divide the country into three separate states and make himself the president of each state. However, he does not have any political experience, so it remains to be seen whether his plan will work or not.
Asselineau has made some pretty strong and wide-ranging predictions about how France could change in 2022 on his campaign website, and these include a new currency, a new constitution, an increase in unemployment rates, an end to free immigration into France, and a country divided into three separate states.

Philippe Poutou

Philippe Poutou is an outspoken socialist who may be able to influence the future of the country. His main platform is to abolish the 35-hour work week, which could encourage more productivity and reduce unemployment. He also wants to abolish France’s wealth tax and raise taxes on large companies and those with a lot of assets.
Poutou’s campaign slogan is “the right to live”. He believes that many people cannot afford basic necessities like housing, food, education, healthcare, etc., which causes them to even resort to stealing or prostitution. In order for society as a whole to progress, individuals need to be guaranteed their basic needs so they can focus on what they want instead of what they need.
Poutou has been campaigning from the beginning in 2016 and it appears he will keep going until the end in 2019. This gives him time to get his message out there about ending poverty and providing better opportunities for everyone.

Benoît Hamon

If Benoît Hamon is elected, he will be the youngest president in France’s history. He was born on 3 November 1968 – if that doesn’t sound like a real estate agent to you, it’s because his father was a journalist and his mother a teacher! That’s not all he has in common with an average Frenchman, though: he comes from a working class background and is the son of immigrants from North Africa.

Édouard Sch Infinity Pool Should You bet on France’s next President?

According to political analyst, Édouard Sch Infinity Pool, there is a chance that Marine Le Pen could win in 2022. Although she is likely to be the first woman president of France, the odds are currently 3 to 1 that she will not win.
This prediction comes from the popularity of her party, Front Nationale. The party has seen a surge in popularity this year and some polls have them as high as 35%.
Marine Le Pen’s party performed well during last year’s European elections and Édouard Sch Infinity Pool predicts they’ll do even better in 2022. So, who else is going to end up winning? Political analysts predict Macron will most definitely be elected president throughout 2020. However, if he was not elected by then, there is a chance that Marine Le Pen could take over as the next president of France.

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