How To Answer Today’s Wordle Challenge: April 17

Today’s Wordle challenge is a unique and fun way to get your creative juices flowing. Here are some of the best responses we’ve seen so far.

What’s the most creative way to answer this challenge?

The most creative way to answer today’s wordle challenge is to “describe the world, and your life.”

The most creative way to answer today’s wordle challenge is to “describe the world, and your life.”

Neatorama’s Answer

Wordle is a neat way of finding out new words. The blogger has given us some prompts and we have to come up with the word that best completes each prompt. Here are our answers for today’s challenge.

1) Sugar
2) Sweet
3) Candy
4) Chocolate
5) Fondant

Another Neatorama Answer

April 17:

Fun in the Sun
Green Thumb
Take a Walk on the Wild Side
Wet Your Palette
Flower Power

A simple and elegant response

“A simple and elegant response”

Not only was this a great answer, but it also used a word that was featured in the challenge!

“Everyone is connected to a community, whether it’s their friends, family, or the people they work with.”

# of people in the community
“The number of people in the community affects how people feel about them and what they can accomplish.”

Wondering if anyone else got inspired by The Word Challenge?

“I did my wordle in the shape of a big,
giant face because I really wanted to enjoy this challenge.”

8-year-old Wordle master

Today’s wordle is
“Dear April, this is for you.”

Dear April, this is for you.

Spotlight On – The Finalists

We had 31 finalists in this week’s wordle challenge, and there was a lot of variety in the responses. Some of our favorites include:

Final Words: An interesting exercise to try out!

Wordle is a word cloud generator that puts words into a visually compelling way to allow people to see how important certain words are in a given text. The goal of today’s challenge is to make one word the most important word in your extract from the given text. You can see what other people have chosen as their most important word by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.


The act of bread making, with yeast, involves fermentation and oxidation reactions which provide bread with flavor and color.

Sugar is made up of molecules called saccharides. Saccharides are sugar molecules made up of one or more simple sugars bound together by glycosidic bonds. Sucrose is composed of glucose and fructose.

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