How To Become Less Intense As A Storm

The weather can be intense. The storm can be intense. And being intense is not a feeling that a lot of people like.
Opposites attract and the same can be said about intense people and the ‘people-pleaser’. Intense people are attracted to ‘people-pleasers’ because they find them pleasant. They’ll go out of their way to make them happy.
Being a person-pleaser is a way to avoid dealing with our own intensity. Intensity is something that’s hard to accept, especially when it’s directed at ourselves.

Be Your Authentic Self

For some people, it’s easy to be their authentic selves when they’re around people-pleasers. It’s easier for them to be themselves when they don’t have to worry about what the other person is thinking of them.
But, the ‘people-pleaser’ can feel frustrated by being around intense people. They often have a hard time listening to what their friends are saying because they’re so worried about how they come off.
People-pleasers would say that in order to find happiness and peace, you need to build your relationships with intense people. That way, you won’t feel so insecure about who you are in front of them and you’ll also learn more about yourself.

Let Go And Breathe

The easiest way to deal with our intensity is to just let go of it. If we have a bad day, the best thing we can do is just stay calm. Our intensity will always be there, so if we’re going to get through the storm, we need to learn how to be less intense and accept what is happening in our lives.

Be Connected To Yourself

The way to avoid being intense is to connect. To be less intense, you need to be more connected with yourself. If you’re always trying to please other people, you’ll never have time to make yourself happy. You’re always putting others first and never making time for yourself.
So how do we become more connected? The best way is through self-care – taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in other ways. Self-care is important because it helps us take a step back before taking a step forward in our lives. It helps us ground ourselves and clear our minds so that when we are ready to face the world again, we can do so with a positive mindset and a clear conscience.

Be Honest And Open-minded

The best way to become less intense is to be honest and open-minded. Be honest about your own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. If you have a difficult time accepting criticism, kindly ask for it.
If you are someone who doesn’t like confrontation, consider talking to someone other than the person that was giving you a hard time. A supportive friend or family member might be just what you need to hear things from another perspective. This will also help you avoid an argument with the person that was giving you a hard time.

Practice Self-compassion And kindness

When we practice kindness and self-compassion, we make it easier for others to accept us. They find us more pleasant. So, instead of trying to become less intense, we can work on becoming a little more accepting of ourselves.
The key is not to push away or ignore your feelings. Instead, try to accept them with an open heart by practicing self-compassion and kindness.


In order to be more relaxed in the face of a storm, you need to relax and become less intense. The first step is to be your authentic self. It’s very important to find your true voice so that you can be open-minded and honest with yourself. Once you do that, you’ll be much more comfortable in the face of anything.

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