How to Create Your Own “Gruesome” Crossword Clue

Have you ever wondered how some of the most cryptic, brain-teasing crosswords are created? Well, now you can test your puzzle-solving skills on another level and create your very own “Gruesome” crossword clue! Yes, crosswords are known for their challenging clues and cryptic phrases, and with the right amount of imagination, you can come up with really spooking clues that only the solvers of the ‘Gruesome’ crossword will know! Here’s how you can create your own “Gruesome” crossword clue…

What is a Gruesome Crossword Clue?

A “Gruesome” crossword clue is a puzzle clue that is gruesome in nature. The word “gruesome” can be used to describe anything and everything from the weather to murder, but as long as it has some element of gore or horror, it can be used in a crossword.
For example, you could use the phrase “National Bird of Peru” for a clue. That might sound like an easy question at first; however, if you read the answer aloud (which you probably should), you will notice that this answer gives you the definition of “gruesome.” Are they referring to birds being gruesome? How are birds gross? If you think about it, every bird is different in size so they might not all fit into your idea of what’s horrifying. But what if we change the question to something more straightforward like this:
Which country has a National Bird?
You’re now asking the solver how many countries have a National Bird when really all they are going to find out is that there are several countries with national birds!

Gruesome Crossword Clues Are Easy to Create

First, decide on your clue’s subject. If you’re really up for a challenge, then make it something tough like “The Grim Reaper or Death.” But start with an easier subject first to get the hang of things. For example, “Branches of a tree” or “Things in a refrigerator.”
Next, come up with an adjective that describes the word you want to include in your clue and turn it into a noun word with an extra letter at the end (i.e., branch becomes branchlets).
Like so:
Branch|| Branchlet

Now that you have your word created, it’s time to make your clue! Start by brainstorming ideas of possible words that start with the letter(s) you chose for your clue (i.e., below is what comes up when I search “A” on Google):
Able || Able-bodied || Abdomen || Ablepharyngitis || Abrasion || Abscess || Absorption|| Adaption

How to Create Your Own Gruesome Crossword Clue

Type your clue into the box below. Try to make it as cryptic as possible!

“I am wearing a skirt and a blouse: _____ _____.”

Briefcase, coffee mug, hairbrush?

Final Words: Is Crossword Puzzles Your Game?

If you’re looking for a way to build your vocabulary and need something new on the list, check out this crossword puzzle. It may be slightly difficult, but it will definitely challenge you!
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How to Play a Gruesome Crossword Puzzle

First, pick a theme. The “Gruesome” crossword puzzle was created to focus on the macabre and gory. So what are some of the themes that you could use? Perhaps a Halloween-themed crossword would be appropriate or a Thanksgiving-themed crossword could be cool. Or what about an autumn-themed crossword with fall colors and pumpkins?
Next, start with your letters. You can create your own grid by playing around with different puzzles that have been created by other solvers. Some examples of how you might start with your letters include:


Wrapping Up: Is Crossword Puzzles Your Game?

1. Create your crossword puzzle
2. Start with a word
3. Cross off a letter or number that is the same as the original word
4. Repeat this step until you have used all of the letters or numbers
5. In your final clue, add words or phrases that are related to the original word
6. Include some clever clues so only “Gruesome” solvers will know what they are looking at

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