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ikon is an app that helps creatives save time and money when it comes to their projects. But how? It does this by taking the most tedious parts of your project and making them smart, automated workflows. For example, say you’re working on a project which requires you to source images from various online sources. You have to upload the images, tag them, and add keywords to them. If that’s not a hassle-inducing process by itself, the best part is that you have to do it every single time you want to work on your project. As a creative, that’s a lot of time and money you’re wasting.

With an app like ikon, you can finally streamline these tasks. It works by creating smart workflows for all the different parts of your project. For example, if you’re working on a visual content project like a blog post, ikon will create workflows for each of the different sections of your visual content. That way, you can save time and money while also making your project more visually-appealing. Let’s take a look at how you can get started with the free version of ikon and take advantage of the free ikon base plus pass.

What is ikon?

ikon is a digital tool that helps creative professionals save time and money by automating workflows. It takes the most tedious parts of your project and makes them easily manageable, saving you time and money.

Creatives can use it to create smarter workflows for any type of project they are working on. You can easily draw up the workflow for your blog post or visual content project and make sure everything is done automatically. This saves you time and money while also making your project more visually-appealing.

How to get started with ikon

First, you need to download ikon on either your iOS or Android device. You can also find ikon on Google Play. Next, create an account and connect it with your social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It’s easy to link your account to ikon because you don’t have to be a designer- the app is created for the creative community at large! Once you have linked your accounts, it’s time to start creating a workflow for your project. Once you select the type of project that you are working on from the home screen, all of the different profiles will come up. Here, you can select which workflows are appropriate for that particular project type and begin adding content from any section of your profile. As soon as you click on “Add content,” ikon will take care of tagging those images with keywords that are relevant to the project and add them into their database so they can be used in later workflows. If this sounds too complicated for you, don’t worry!

There is an entire video tutorial that walks through every step of using ikon. In fact, there is a whole series of videos which go over how to use different features in greater detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wq3xZ5C2EQ&index=1&list=PLcRMsX9CuMfz1

Freebies at ikon base plus pass

The free ikon base plus pass at ikon gives you the ability to save money and time on your projects, plus it lets you keep working on them. It’s a one-time payment of $9.99 per month with no long-term commitment.
Here are some of the benefits of the free ikon base plus pass:

– Unlimited workflows in your account
– Unlimited access to all premium features including unlimited projects and keywords
– Automated backups for your project files so you can recover easily if anything happens
– Support team that is available 24/7 to help with any issues or questions, so you don’t have to worry about anything on your end

Pros of working with ikon

The free ikon base plus pass is a valuable tool for your project. The ikon base plus pass comes with three workflows that you can automate your project from beginning to end. It also has tools that help with finding images, tagging them, and creating captions. If you have a team of people involved in the project, they can all use the same ikon base plus pass and collaborate on their projects.
Finally, the best thing about using an app like ikon is that it’s totally customizable. You can create specific workflows for each part of your project or create custom ones to suit your needs. The possibilities are endless when working with an app like this!

Cons of working with ikon

While ikon is a great way to streamline your work, there are still some downsides.
If you’re an artist or graphic designer, it may not be for you. In order for ikon to create the most intelligent workflows, it uses AI (artificial intelligence) to learn how you work and recommend things based on what it picks up from your creative process. This means that if you’re an experienced artist, this app isn’t going to make your life any easier.
The next downside is that ikon doesn’t currently have much in the way of features. Other apps can do a lot more than just save time and money by automating tedious tasks like these. For example, they also help with collaboration and management, among other things. But as a free app, ikon still has its perks.
Finally, the last downside is that ikon’s free version only allows users to save 5 projects per month before it switches over to their paid plan – which starts at $8/month for one user or $15/month for two users.

Final words

ikon is an online app that makes your projects more efficient. It streamlines parts of a project and automates them so you can save time and money while also making your project look better. One way to start using ikon is by signing up for the free ikon base plus pass, which allows you to use the app for free for a month. Additionally, ikon has various plans and packages which give you access to different features like unlimited projects or unlimited social media posts.

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