The Top 10 Wordle Answers for April 19, 2017

Did you know that Wordle is not just a fun word game? It can also be used to create visual representations of the words you encounter? Sounds crazy, right? Let us explain… The word ‘Wordle’ is an anagram of ‘WORD + Collage’. Collage is a visual medium of combining different images together and making them into a single image. Hence, Wordle is an online tool that is specifically used to create collages of words, hence, wordle Answers. So, how can you use Wordle to answer common April 19 questions? Let us explain…

What’s the meaning of the day?

#1: April 19 is the birthday of the American philosopher Harry Truman.

#2: April 19 is also known as National Grilled Cheese Day.

#3: The meaning of this day is ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong’.

#4: April 19 is also known as #TBT (Throwback Thursday).

How to create a Wordle?

All you have to do is type in the words or phrases you need to answer. For example:
What are your top 10 favorite taco toppings?

-Hot sauce
-Jalapeno pepper
-Corn tortilla chips

How to use Wordle to answer the day’s top questions?

1) What is the meaning of April 19?
2) What are some famous quotes on April 19?
3) What type of dog was April 19 named after?
4) How old is Alan Rickman?
5) Who was the US President on April 19, 2017?
6) What does April 19 mean in Latin?
7) Who won the Masters Golf Tournament on April 19, 2017?
8) Who were Trump’s top aides on April 18, 2017?
9) When did World War II happen during World War I?
10) Was there a presidential election in 2016 or 2017 on April 20th or 21st in America and what day of the week did it happen on?

How to create a Wordle using Google Chrome

1. Open your Google Chrome browser and go to
2. Click on “New” in the top right corner of the screen
3. Type in the question you want to answer and click on “Create Wordle”
4. Select “16 colors” under the “theme” menu on the top left corner of the screen
5. After selecting 16 colors, click on “Add Image” under the theme menu
6. You can now drag images onto your Wordle or hover over them to place them into your Wordle
7. Now you will see that words are displayed in different colors with a border around it and a circle around each word
8. Hover over a word to see which color matches it’s meaning, then hover over another word for a comparison between colors
9. To learn more about how Wordle works, click on the “?” button on any part of your Wordle web page

How to create a Wordle using Microsoft Edge

In your browser, open Microsoft Edge and go to the following URL:
Select the number of words you would like to use in your Wordle. We recommend using between 20-30 words.
Click on ‘Create Wordle’ and add your text into the box provided.
You will see a wordle of your text!

How to create a Wordle using Mozilla Firefox

To create a Wordle using Mozilla Firefox, follow the steps below:
1. Open your internet browser and navigate to
2. Click on ‘Create your own wordle’ and then continue to sign up for an account or log in if you have one already
3. Type in the words or phrases that you want to see represented in the wordle
4. Click on ‘generate’ and then select what size you would like your wordle to be (small, medium, large)
5. Once you have selected a size, click on ‘Download as Image’ and save it to your preferred location
6. Now that you have created your own wordle, click on ‘share’ and choose which social media platform you would like to share it with
7. You now have a visual representation of the words or phrases that you typed into Wordle!


April 19, 2017 was a day of many wordles. Learn how to make your own by visiting the site!
Ready to build your own wordle? Here’s how:
1. Click on the “Make Wordle” button at the top of the page
2. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your answer
3. Share it with your friends and family!

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