Workout With a R&B Crossword: A 30-minute Workout to Reggae Rock Your Heart Out!

R&B Crossword is a 30-minute high-energy dance workout to Reggae Rock. The end! There’s no secret, hidden diet, or fluff to make it seem like more than what it is: an intense 30 minutes of cardio and strength training that you can complete anywhere with minimal equipment. All you need is your own body and the drive to complete your routine.
With any new workout routine, consistency is key. You need to show up on time and commit for the full duration. That means never leaving early or skipping because it’s inconvenient or because it doesn’t feel like you can make it through. And that’s not something that anyone can fully commit to when they’re starting out. This is why we created this R&B Crossword Workout: with these three components, you cannot fail to succeed and keep showing up every day for over a month until the end of time if you want to see results…or at least hear us say you will! Here’s how this R&B crossword works:

Warm-up (20 minutes)

This is where you’ll get your cardio for the day. It’s an intense sequence of moves that will warm up your muscles, prepare you for the workout ahead, and help you get into a good rhythm for the rest of the workout.

Cardio (20 minutes)

The first step is to warm up with a 3-minute cardio routine to get the body moving. We created this routine with the goal of getting your heart rate going and your blood pumping with high-energy. Follow it up with some dynamic stretches that will help build up your muscles while simultaneously stretching out all the kinks in your joints and tendons.

Strength Training (10 minutes)

In the first 10 minutes, you will start with a strength-training set. This includes squats, lunges, and bicep curls to get your body warmed up.

Cool Down (10 minutes)

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